Radioactive Zombie Takes Over Pong Lab

Hi Pong Friends,

Things got pretty spooky in the Pong lab today when we accidentally created a radioactive zombie while testing the maximum SAR limits on latest mobile devices.

Not to worry. The zombie was swiftly put down using our ultrasonic welder and ultimately finished off with a Pong iPhone 6 Case to the brain.

Here’s are a couple of pics one of our brave engineers snapped just before the puss bag met its demise.

Zombie attacks ultrasonic welder

RF Exposed Zombie!

Happy Halloween,


Lebron James and Cellphone-Induced Salivary Gland Cancer

Hi Pong Friends –

Ben Greenfield over at has been an advocate of living a life with reduced EMF exposure. In his article “How Lebron James’ Cell Phone Gave Him Mouth Cancer”, he references a recent recording by Evan Brand, host of the “Not Just Paleo” podcast.

Check it out what Ben had to say:

How Lebron James’ Cell Phone Gave Him Mouth Cancer 

A few weeks ago, I published the video “7 Ways To Reduce Electrical Pollution In Your Office“, and a couple weeks ago, the article “Is Your Mattress Killing You?”. Both addressed the concerning topic of what modern electronic signals are doing to our health.

Now i’s time to dig even deeper. The following guest post comes from Evan Brand, host of the “Not Just Paleo” podcast. Evan recently recorded a groundbreaking interview entitled EMF Solutions And How To Mitigate Cell Phone And Home Risks“ and it was so compelling, I asked him if he could expound upon it in this article. This is indeed a controversial topic, so if you have your own thoughts, comments or feedback, them leave them below this post.

Take it away, Evan…

Even if you aren’t an avid gossip magazine reader, surely you’ve heard about some of the extreme measures that celebrities are now taking for their health. Angelina Jolie and her breast removal surgery was the catalyst for me to dig deeper into the lives of celebrities and the things they promote.

Oftentimes, celebrity health issues simply don’t make sense. Their “random health problems” just seem so, well…random…and out of the blue to the general public.

But I am here to tell you these random health problems are not really random at all. Check out the rest of the article here.




Pong for iPhone 6 Plus is in the Top 5 Case Picks at

Hi Pong Friends,

Your favorite phone case maker (that’s us) has been picked again as one of the cases to get for the iPhone 6 Plus.

Top 5 Apple iPhone 6 Plus 5.5 Cover and Case to buy

iPhone 6 Plus, the bigger display variant was released simultaneously with the release of iPhone 6 on September 2014. It was a bigger surprise for the world to see a big display Smartphone rolling out from Apple and it was appreciated all over the world. This move…(more)