New Study Found Tripled Brain Tumor Risk for Long-Term Cell Phone Users

A 2014 Swedish study involving 1498 malignant brain tumor patients and 3,530 controls (people without a brain tumor) found an increased risk of malignant brain tumor associated with long-term use of cell phones and cordless phones. The study analyzed data from two previous studies with patients diagnosed between 1997-2003 and 2007-2009 in Sweden. The pooled analysis showed a clear trend of higher risk with longer wireless phone use. Specifically, the risk was 3 times higher for people who used wireless phones for 25 years or longer. The results resonate with a 2014 French study which found that heavy cell phone users (with 896 hours or more cumulative call time, or about half an hour daily use for 5 years) were 2-3 times more likely to develop a glioma (the most common type of malignant brain tumor), compared to non-regular users.

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Put a Pong Case on Your Holiday Gift List

‘Tis the season for gift ideas and gift guides. Whether you’re shopping for the gadget lover, style addict, the woman or man in your life, the Pong Case makes a great gift. Here are just a few lists the Pong Case was included on this Holiday season.

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What Makes a Pong Case Intelligent?

Your mobile phone is smart. Now the case for your mobile device can be, too.

Pong Research introduces the world’s first Intelligent Case. The Pong Case pairs with your device to redirect wireless energy for optimized protection and performance.

All mobile devices use radio-frequency (RF) electromagnetic waves to communicate. The devices contain antennas to transmit and receive wireless signals. Unlike traditional cases, the Pong case is embedded with a custom-engineered antenna system that passively interacts with your device when you snap it on. Specifically, copper elements plated in gold, yet thinner than a human hair, are precisely engineered in size, shape and location, to achieve optimum coupling with the mobile device’s own antenna. Pong’s built-in antenna technology reshapes the electromagnetic field pattern of your device’s transmitted signal and directs wireless energy away from you while optimizing your device’s outbound signal.


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Is Wi-Fi Exposure Harmful?

The mobile device landscape has dramatically changed during the past ten years. As a popular wireless technology, Wi-Fi uses the radio-frequency bands of 2.4 and 5 GHz for data exchange among wireless devices. Devices that transmit Wi-Fi signals are not just commonplace, they have become an essential part of our lives.

So, it’s only natural that the biological and health effects of these devices have become the subject of many on-going scientific studies. While the research community is performing scientifically rigorous studies and carefully weighing the evidence, five Danish ninth-grade school girls have taken matters in to their own hands.

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The “Sexy” Gold Reveal Line is Growing

Pre-orders are now available for Samsung Galaxy S4

Pong’s launch of the Gold Reveal design earlier this month has been a great success. We’re grateful for all the praise we’ve received. Fast Company called the Gold Reveal case “equal parts safety and eye candy.” Wired Magazine even called the case “sexy.” Wow!

We are excited to announce that cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4 are now available for pre-order. Like all the Gold Reveal cases, the Gold Reveal Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 allows you to see the built-in antenna technology, plated in pure gold plating for protection. It’s a fusion of art and science.  The S4 case will be available initially in charcoal black.

Pong Gold Reveal Samsung Galaxy 4

In the News: Gold Reveal

Since we released our new Gold Reveal cases, you may have noticed lots of people talking about them. We don’t like to brag, but we can’t help but feel a little giddy. It’s great that our newly designed cases are getting attention. Even better, it means that we’re spreading the word about how Pong technology reduces exposure to wireless energy.

Here are just some of things people have said about our new cases.

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The New Pong Case: A Fusion of Art and Science

If you look at our new Pong gold-themed smartphone and iPad® cases, you might think to yourself “that’s exactly what I had in mind!” That’s exactly the reaction we’re hoping for because you, our customers, are the chief inspiration behind this new design. We frequently receive requests from users who want to actually see the Pong technology that makes their cases so unique. The new lattice design on the back lets you see the technology that protects your head and body from wireless energy. We like to call this the fusion of art and science: we use gold plating to protect the Pong antenna from the elements, and the result is an eye-catching, stylish case.

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Pong Loves Moms: Happy Mother’s Day

This coming weekend is Mother’s Day. Traditionally, Mom is showered on her special day with flowers, jewelery, maybe even chocolate. You love mom and want to keep her happy and healthy for years to come — so why not give her a Pong case?

When it comes to smartphones, you may think that it’s teens and young adults dominating the market. Actually, moms are more likely than the general population to own smartphones. A recent survey by Marketing to Moms Coalition’s shows a big increase in smartphone ownership, up from 44% of moms in 2011 to 58% in 2012. And, among the 58% of moms who have smartphones, they are using the phones a lot. Continue reading “Pong Loves Moms: Happy Mother’s Day”

Is there a Link between Cell Phone Use and Thyroid Cancer?

At Pong, we’ve been following recent scientific news with great interest. Israeli scientists have reported preliminary findings of a possible link between cell phone radiation and thyroid cancer.

Does Cell Phone Radiation Cause Thyroid Cancer?


Conducted at Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva and at Tel Aviv University, the Israeli research showed evidence for the first time of the possible connection between the rise in thyroid cancer cases to the increased exposure to radiation emitted by cell phones. Continue reading “Is there a Link between Cell Phone Use and Thyroid Cancer?”