A Progress of Research on Cell Phone Radiation Health Effects

On Jan. 21, 1993, the television talk-show Larry King featured a Florida man named David Reynard, who had filed a tort claim against the cell phone manufacturer NEC and the carrier GTE Mobilnet, claiming that radiation from their cell phones caused or accelerated the growth of a brain tumor in his wife Susan Elen Reynard.

“The tumor was exactly in the pattern of the antenna,” Reynard told King.

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Is there a Link between Cell Phone Use and Thyroid Cancer?

At Pong, we’ve been following recent scientific news with great interest. Israeli scientists have reported preliminary findings of a possible link between cell phone radiation and thyroid cancer.

Does Cell Phone Radiation Cause Thyroid Cancer?


Conducted at Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva and at Tel Aviv University, the Israeli research showed evidence for the first time of the possible connection between the rise in thyroid cancer cases to the increased exposure to radiation emitted by cell phones. Continue reading “Is there a Link between Cell Phone Use and Thyroid Cancer?”

What is the Right Age to Give Children a Mobile Phone?

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly popular in modern lives. Most teens — 85% of those aged 14 to 17 — have cell phones. So do 69% of 11-14 year olds and 31% of kids aged 8-10, according to a 2010 survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation. The average age at which kids get their first phones has declined steadily during the past decade. For parents, it becomes an important, and sometimes difficult decision to make when to give their kids a mobile phone.
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New Warnings on Wireless Radiation from BioInitiative 2012 Report

Five years after the initial BioInitiative 2007 Report, the BioInitiative Working Group issued an updated 2012 Report to provide a strengthened rationale for biologically-based exposure standards for low-intensity electromagnetic radiation. Prepared by 29 world-recognized experts in science and public health policy from 10 countries, the BioInitiative 2012 Report reviewed over 1800 new scientific studies and shows reinforced evidence of risk from chronic exposure to low-intensity electromagnetic fields (EMF) and to wireless technologies (radiofrequency radiation (RFR) including microwave radiation). The Report concludes that existing public safety limits are inadequate to protect public health, and that new, biologically-based public safety limits are needed.

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Sheryl Crow’s Brain Tumor Caused by Cell Phone Radiation?

Sheryl Crow was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor called meningioma in 2011, and suspects that her cell phone use caused it.  Crow told Katie Couric on her new talk show Katie, “There are no doctors that will confirm that . . . . [But] I [used to spend] hours on the old archaic cell phones.”  Crow also disclosed that the tumor is near where she often held her phone.  While there is no definitive conclusion that cell phone radiation can cause a brain tumor, increasing scientific evidence supports Crow’s suspicions.

In May 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified radio frequency (RF) radiation from cell phones as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.”  The WHO made the decision after reviewing numerous studies on this subject, including the Interphone Study—a large, international study coordinated by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) and completed in February 2012.  It showed an increased risk of a certain type of brain tumor, called glioma, from “heavy” use of cell phones—defined in the study as just 1,640 hours of lifetime cell phone use.  The Interphone Study also investigated the association between cell phone radiation and meningioma, the very kind of brain tumor that Crow suffers.  Although the study broadly concluded that “overall, no increase in risk of either glioma or meningioma was observed in association with use of mobile phones,” its categorized results revealed a nearly 4 times increase[1] in the risk of meningioma for short-term heavy users [2] who used cell phones primarily on one side of the head [1].  Crow’s comments indicate that she likely qualifies for the category of users with increased risk.

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