Pong iPad Case Receives Glowing Review at GoneKlippinKrazy.com

Hi Pong Friends,

Laurel over at GoneKlippinKrazy.com gave a great review of our Pong iPad Case for the iPad 2/3/4.

Here are some of her comments:

“Did you know that Pong is the only iPad case that does not cover its proximity sensor. A proximity sensor on an iPad detects if the iPad is close to the users body. When that sensor is activated it will reduce the iPad’s cellular radio output by up to 85%. This sensor does not recognize the difference between a body and other objects. So if you are not using a patented Pong case it is limiting your iPad’s antenna transmit power. Pong claims to be the only case that allows the iPads to function optimally.

The iPad fit with ease into the case and each corner snapped on to keep it secure. The case itself can be folded into four different positions. You can choose a position for typing, browsing or watching videos. The magnets in the front cover will hold the cover in different folded positions. When I first tried to fold the cover into a stand I was a little confused. Once you realize how to fold it, it becomes second nature.”

Check the entire review here.

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